QIAGEN presents the 2017 Microbiome Awards, offering up to $65,000 in prizes!


The Microbiome Awards provide products and recognition to scientists in the microbiome field


QIAGEN today announced the opening of the 2017 Microbiome Awards, which aim to provide extraordinary scientists with products and recognition to carry out scientific work in the field of microbiome research.


Submissions for the Microbiome Awards are now being accepted from researchers worldwide. QIAGEN, the sponsor of the awards, is generously donating products and services valued at up to $65,000 USD for one grand prize winner. The winner will receive a research package consisting of the following: a two-year license to Microbial Genomics Pro Suite, analysis of 250 samples using the Cosmos ID Genomics Platform, NGS Library Prep of 96 samples using any NGS library prep kit or $3000 USD NGS library prep services, sample Prep of 400 samples using any DNA or RNA isolation Kit or $3000 USD in sample prep services, and the choice of a free QIAcube or PowerLyzer Homogenizer.


The judging panel consists of independent, distinguished representatives from various institutions and universities who are currently leading the field of microbiome research. The panel includes world renowned microbiome scientists David Coil from the University of California, Davis, Elizabeth Bik from uBiome, Emily Hollister from Baylor College of Medicine, and Lauren Ambrogio from AOBiome.


Projects can be submitted at https://mobio.com/application by the August 14, 2017 deadline. The award winner will be announced on October 4, 2017. For more information about the Microbiome Awards, visit the https://mobio.com/microbiome_project.