My dissertation research is focused on the gut microbiomes of lemurs, you know, those bug-eyed primates from Madagascar that happen to be the most threatened group of mammals on earth. I specifically work with indriids, a group of critically endangered lemurs that include the indris, woolly lemurs, and sifakas. Go google them, seriously. They are some of the most exotic and stunning animals on the planet. Ultimately, I hope that my research will not only illuminate the symbiotic relationship between lemurs and their gut bacteria but will also inform conservation strategies for both captive and wild lemurs. 

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Posted in Culture Dish By Brittanie Collinsworth

Working with Salty Soil

10/1/2014 4:12 PM

Dear MO BIO,


I am using the RNA Power Soil Total RNA Isolation kit with some high saline soil.   I was not able to extract any RNA but was able to extract DNA with the kit.  What's going on?



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Posted in Technical Tips By Michelle Tetreault Carlson