Discover our optimized workflow for microbial detection

Sample Disruption from Food and Water samples

DNA isolation kits come complete with optimized bead tubes for cell lysis. A Vortex Genie 2 and Vortex Adapters or a high powered homogenizer can be used for sample disruption.


DNA Isolation from Food and Water samples

Kits contain optimized bead tubes for lysis and Inhibitior Removal Technology to eliminate challenging PCR inhibitors found in food and water samples. Quickly isolate pure, high quality DNA for your pathogen detection assay.

Kit   Sample Type
DNeasy PowerFood Microbial Kit   Cultured and uncultured food
DNeasy PowerWater Kit   Filtered water
AllPrep PowerViral DNA/RNA Kit   Waste water (unfiltered)


Pathogen Detection

We have Microbial DNA qPCR Arrays available for food and water analysis for a variety of pathogens.


Data Analysis

Our GeneGlobe Data Analysis Center can be used for analyzing and interpreting your real-time PCR data.