MagAttract PowerWater DNA/RNA Kit

Automated isolation of nucleic acids from filtered air and water samples.
  • Inhibitor Removal Technology - Enables kit to excel with the most challenging air and turbid water samples
  • ClearMag Technology - Proprietary magnetic particle technology captures nucleic acids without binding organic inhibitors, facilitating isolation of high yields of pure DNA and RNA
  • Optimized bead mix - 5 ml bead tubes containing a novel bead mix have been tested and validated to work with the most common filter membrane types
  • Hands-free purification - Optimized for use with automated liquid handling systems*
The MagAttract PowerWater DNA/RNA Kit is a magnetic bead based nucleic acid isolation kit that can be used for automated isolation of microbial DNA and RNA from any liquid or air sample that is concentrated on a filter membrane. Filter membranes composed of a variety of materials can be processed with this kit (see table in specifications). Filtered samples containing inhibitors such as salts, metals, humic substances and other organic materials are easily processed using patented Inhibitor Removal Technology (IRT) to remove PCR inhibitors released during the extraction process. A novel, proprietary magnetic bead system is used for the isolation of nucleic acids without the binding of residual contaminants, for inhibitor-free DNA and RNA that is ready to use in the most demanding downstream applications including PCR, qPCR, RT-qPCR, RNA-seq, Sanger sequencing and NGS.

For maximum sample processing, this kit requires the use of a specialized plate shaker in order to facilitate the bead beating process in 5 ml PowerWater Bead Tubes. We recommend the TissueLyser II and the 5 ml Tube Adapters (MO BIO Catalog# 11980), which can accommodate up to 32 PowerWater Bead Tubes. Also available is the 5 ml Tube Centrifuge Block (MO BIO Catalog # 11981) which accommodates 32 PowerWater Bead Tubes for easy centrifugation in standard 96 well centrifuge buckets.

*The MagAttract PowerWater DNA/RNA Kit is designed for use with automated liquid handling systems, such as the Tecan, Hamilton, Beckman and Eppendorf systems. A protocol is available for the Eppendorf epMotion. For other automated liquid handling systems, please contact for assistance prior to purcasing the kit.

Formerly known as the PowerMag Air & Water DNA/RNA Isolation Kit.
Cat No./ID: 27800-4-EP
MagAttract PowerWater DNA/RNA Kit (384)
Automated isolation of nucleic acids from filtered air and water samples.
The MagAttract PowerWater DNA/RNA Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.