PowerMag Magnet

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PowerMag Magnet
Magnetic Separator designed for use with automated liquid handling systems.
Size/Component Catalog #
1 unit 27400
Product Description


  • Increased DNA yield - Engineered to capture the maximum amount of magnetic beads 
  • Versatile - SBS footprint, works with deep well plates on automated liquid handling systems
  • Increase your throughput without a robot - Use the PowerMag Magnet with a WeLLevator Pipette Guide

The PowerMag Magnet has been engineered to capture the maximum amount of magnetic beads. It is the only magnetic separator available that is designed to work with deep well plates. The PowerMag Magnet is recommended for use with MagAttract Kits on automated liquid handling systems, including Tecan, Beckman, Hamilton and Eppendorf systems. The PowerMag Magnet and the WeLLevator Pipette Guide can be used with any MagAttract Kit to isoalte high quality nucleic acids without an automated liquid handling system.