QIAseq 1-Step Amplicon DNA Library Kit

QIAseq 1-Step Amplicon DNA Library Kit
For fast and efficient preparation of DNA libraries for use in NGS applications.
Size/Component Catalog #
12 preps 180412
96 preps 180415
Product Description


  • One-tube, benchtop library prep from PCR products in just 30 minutes
  • Maximal convenience with automatable, 1-reaction, room-temperature setup
  • High-quality, artifact-free libraries, ready for use on any Illumina NGS platform
  • Compatible with any gene panel or PCR product, only needs 1 ng input DNA
  • Single-use adapter plates minimize risk of contamination or handling errors

Save time with targeted resequencing and amplicon sequencing applications by taking advantage of the fastest library prep solution on the market – the QIAseq 1-Step Amplicon Library Kit. By combining end-repair and ligation, this new kit offers a fast and efficient 30-minute procedure allowing you to prepare high-quality, artifact-free libraries from any QIAGEN GeneRead Targeted DNA Panel and Ampli-Seq, Tru-Seq or PCR amplicons. The resulting NGS library can be used on any Illumina NGS instrument.