An important announcement from MO BIO

Dear Valued Customer,

As you may be aware, MO BIO was acquired by QIAGEN on November 20, 2015. Beginning on January 1, 2017 MO BIO will be fully integrated with QIAGEN, meaning that we will be able to offer you an even more comprehensive product portfolio and more options for ordering. On January 1, 2017 MO BIO US customers will continue to have online ordering available at During early 2017, MO BIO's website will be expanded to allow online ordering in most regions of the globe and to include MO BIO's DNA, RNA and protein isolation kits along with complementary QIAGEN products for your microbiome research needs. MO BIO products will also be available on QIAGEN's website beginning on January 1, 2017.

Next year, you will begin to notice a few changes which are outlined below.

Branding Changes

  • Product Names - MO BIO kits will be re-named and thus become part of the QIAGEN Sample Technologies portfolio. For example, the PowerSoil DNA Isolation Kit will be called the DNeasy PowerSoil Kit. A list of original and new product names is available here. All catalog numbers will remain the same for easy ordering
  • Packaging - Beginning on January 1, most MO BIO kits will be packaged in a blue QIAGEN box, and the remaining kits will be updated to a blue QIAGEN box between January 1 and April 1.
  • Note that the external shipping box will be labelled with a QIAGEN name beginning on January 1.

Kit Changes

  • Component Names and Sizes - In order to standardize the components across different products, some components will be re-named and the volume or packaging size of the reagents may change. The chemical formulation of the reagents will NOT be changed.
  • Spin Column Plastic - The spin columns will now have the same plastic design as the QIAGEN QIAamp/RNeasy spin columns. The membrane and filter will remain the same to ensure the same performance and quality of nucleic acids, while enabling compatibility with the QIAcube. The updated kits have been extensively tested by MO BIO's R&D and quality control teams and are being validated by two large microbiome consortiums to ensure that the quality, purity, yield and results of the kits are unchanged from the original MO BIO versions. 

Ordering Information

  • Effective January 1, 2017 all orders for MO BIO products will need to be placed with your local QIAGEN business. The information for orders and billing can be found below. 
  • Please update the remit to address for mailing payments using the contact information below. 
  • Effective January 1, 2017 please indicate the appropriate QIAGEN entity on your Purchase Orders (instead of MO BIO). Select your ordering region below to determine the correct QIAGEN entity to indicate on your purchase orders. Also, please note that effective January 1, 2017 the respective QIAGEN entity will issue the invoices to Accounts Payable.
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