RNeasy PowerClean Pro CleanUp Kit

Remove inhibitors from purified RNA in just 7 minutes.
  • Efficient secondary purification - Fast and easy 7 minute protocol to clean up your problematic RNA
  • Removes challenging impurities - Purifies RNA containing humic substances, polyphenolics, polysaccharides and other PCR inhibitors
  • Successful amplification - High purityRNA for use in PCR and RT-qPCR
The only commercially available kit dedicated to secondary RNA purification. The RNeasy PowerClean Pro Cleanup Kit utilizes our Inhibitor Removal Technology to provide researchers with a novel and proprietary method for cleaning up previously isolated RNA.

Starting RNA may be amber to brown in appearance; an indicator of PCR inhibiting substances, particularly humics and polyphenols. Even samples that appear colorless may contain PCR inhibitors which can be cleaned up with this kit. The RNeasy PowerClean Pro Cleanup Kit will remove this brown color as well as any PCR inhibiting substances, such as heme, polysaccharides, polyphenols fulvic acids and dyes. A high purity of RNA is achieved allowing for more successful RT-PCR amplification of RNA derived from organisms in the original sample.

This kit was validated with RNA isolated from a variety of problematic soils and also with RNA samples spiked with commercial humic acids. However, it performs well on RNA isolated from virtually any sample source. Archived or previously isolated RNA samples are purified when combined with our proprietary RNA Clean-Up reagents. Inhibitors are selectively removed from the RNA solution. All RNA is captured on a silica membrane in a spin column format. RNA is then washed and eluted from the membrane. Percentage recovery varies depending on the level of inhibitors that may be influencing the RNA yield measurement. Purified RNA is ready for RT-PCR analysis and other downstream applications.

Formerly known as the PowerClean Pro RNA Clean-Up Kit.
Cat No./ID: 13997-50
RNeasy PowerClean Pro Cleanup Kit (50)
Remove inhibitors from purified RNA in just 7 minutes.
The RNeasy PowerClean Pro Cleanup Kit is intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease