QIAseq FX DNA Library Kit

QIAseq FX DNA Library Kit
High-quality whole genome libraries – no shearing required.
Size/Component Catalog #
24 preps 180473
96 preps 180475
Product Description


  • DNA fragmentation to NGS-ready libraries – all in a single kit
  • Streamlined 2.5-hour workflow for easy automation
  • High library complexity and even coverage maximizes interpretable data
  • Flexible DNA inputs of 1 ng –1 µg
  • Customizable fragment and batch sizes match any whole genome or hybrid capture workflow

The QIAseq FX Library Kit is a complete, all-enzymatic NGS library prep for high complexity DNA sequencing applications and is available in either 24-reaction or 96-reaction formats. This library prep is compatible with any Illumina sequencer and includes a 96-well plate containing either 24 or 96 dual-barcoded sequencing adapters (pierceable foil seal, allowing usage of defined parts of the plate). Library preparation from whole gDNA to sequencing-ready fragments takes just 2.5 hours and does not require any additional instrumentation or expensive glassware for DNA shearing – saving substantial time and cost. The QIAseq FX Library Kit is a fast, top-quality library prep for any whole genome or hybrid capture application designed with an easy-to-use protocol. Fragment sizes, input amounts and batch sizes are all customizable.