• DNase-Free Certification

    DNase-Free Certification

    This test certifies products to be free of DNase contamination and ready for use in any of the many experiments and applications of DNA.
  • RNase-Free Certification

    RNase-Free Certification

    A wide variety of products are certified to be free of RNase contamination and ready for direct use in all RNA work using this test.
  • DNA-Free Certification

    DNA-Free Certification

    This test certifies any of a wide variety of products to be free of certain types of DNA and common contaminants and inhibitors that interfere with the PCR process.
  • Endotoxin-Free Certification

    Endotoxin-Free Certification

    This certification follows USP chapter <85> and ANSI/AAMI ST72:2011 guidelines and FDA regulations to certify any of a variety of products to be free of contaminating endotoxins or to quantify endotoxin levels.